CD is an energetic and bold communicator and mentor who speaks from his life and specializes in character development and life skills. His down-to-earth, yet articulate style of communication allows his audiences to grasp the principles he imparts while keeping their minds sharp and engaged. CD has a heart to see young men display true Biblical manhood in purity and strength, but ultimately his primary focus is equipping the Body of Christ and helping the lost come to Christ. Together with his wife Melody, CD trains leader, youth and young adults.  They are passionate about working with individuals to see them maximize their potential by living in purity and purpose. CD and Melody firmly believe that purity and victory go hand in hand. Claudaniel is the co-founder of LoveTruth International.  Since being happily married in 2008, Melody and CD share their love story which has been an inspiration to thousands of people across the globe. They were featured on Fox News, CNN, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times for their unique love story. CD and Melody also speak nationwide on the benefits of waiting to have sex until marriage. CD and Melody reside in Chicago, IL and have 2 daughters, Jael and Maria.